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Doctor Who: The Real McCoy

Dec 30, 2019

Adam and Erik are happy to be joined by Nathan and James of Flight Through Entirety, but will they be glad to discuss The Happiness Patrol? Featuring left wing politics, the phrase 'accidentally brechtian' and Adam subjecting himself to a routine disappearance, this is an episode sure to bring a smile to...

Nov 7, 2019

Adam and Erik are joined by Andy Hicks as they go back to the beginning and dig up Remembrance Of The Daleks. They'll be discussing the Doctor's pro-active morality, echoes of Pertwee, Keff's "best score" and asking that all important question, do they actually like Daleks?

Andy Hicks

Twitter: @Dystopiandy

Oct 13, 2019

Adam and Erik are joined this episode by Lynne Thomas, Graeme Burk, Steven Schapansky and (briefly) Andy Hicks, to discuss Series 24 as a whole and try to answer that all important question "What the hell just happened?" 


Andy Hicks

Twitter: @Dystopianandy 


Graeme Burk

Aug 26, 2019

In this episode Adam and Erik go bargain hunting in Iceworld. What they'll find instead is a villain with a mildly non-sensical plan, family friendly slave trader Glitz, literal cliffhangers and a young woman with a percentage for shouting out her own nickname.

Jul 26, 2019

Attention campers! Adam and Erik visit sunny Wales in 1959 and find themselves on the run from tonal inconsistence, 12 hours of Ken Dodd stand-up and the worst onscreen "romance" in Doctor Who history.