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Doctor Who: The Real McCoy

Oct 19, 2020

Adam and Erik are joined by Steven from New To Who as they discuss the final of Series 26, Survival! Please be aware that this podcast contains Adam repeatedly using the phrase 'social darwinism'.

Jul 31, 2020

Adam and Erik are joined by Jon from the Bergcast as they prepare to brave dangerous undercurrents in their discussion of The Curse Of Fenric. But please don't worry, from now on everything will be in English. 





May 29, 2020

Adam and Erik are joined by Stephen Graves as they attempt to climb the social and evolutionary ladder of Ghost Light. Will they see the light or be reduced to mere husks?  

Apr 14, 2020

Adam and Erik are joined by Joy and Kyle from Five Years Rapid to talk about the series 26 opener Battlefield. Will they risk becoming handmaidens in hell as they talk about swords, sorcery and shame? 


Five Years Rapid

Joy Piedmont


Mar 16, 2020

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Adam and Erik are joined by Chris Fosten of The Ood Cast to discuss The Greatest Show In The Galaxy. Enter the big top and listen to them tackle clowns, hippies, magic and walking away from explosions. Just remember you ain't heard nothing yet!


Chris Fosten:


The Ood Cast: